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Nate DiRuzza Sets Sail for Playa del Amor

NASHVILLE, TN – Rock 'n' folk Romeo Nate DiRuzza moves his throwback sound to an island oasis in “Playa del Amor” with his new single, coming August 5. As the sun sets on stresses and anxieties, “Playa del Amor” feels like dancing on Spanish nights where all inhibitions wash away into an ocean of tropical-rock production.

"I wanted the audience to dive into their imagination with this song. When they listen, they should feel like they're at Cabo or on a beach where a person - who is intoxicating to look at - is giving them a brand new feeling they haven't felt before," says DiRuzza. "This song is very metaphorical. You will lose yourself to all of this new beauty and experience you haven't seen before."

Nate DiRuzza worked with producers Dan Hodges and Jamie Tate to expertly blend classic Spanish guitar-tinged riffs and reggae-inspired rhythms to form a melodic tropical escape. Transporting listeners to the sands of “Playa del Amor,” the track is as hot as the rays of sun beaming with no clouds in sight – and the musical setting is just as steamy.

Pre-save “Playa del Amor” now! The track will be available on all streaming services August 5, and will be playing from canopies lining the beach for at least the remainder of the summer. For more on Nate DiRuzza, visit and follow him on social media @NateDiRuzza.

About Nate DiRuzza

Some artists perform but Nate DiRuzza is a born entertainer. A genuine creative with the heart of a dreamer, DiRuzza thrives on connections and artistry. He creates a stand-alone sound with folk-rock 'n' pop by using his strengths in introspective songwriting, intricate guitar playing and unique vocal abilities. Currently working on his fourth studio album, Nate is letting the creativity steer the music and write a story of love and madness. For more on Nate DiRuzza, follow him on social media @NateDiRuzza and visit

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