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Nate DiRuzza Taps Into Deepest Human Desire in New Single "I and You"

NASHVILLE, TN – Rock 'n' folk Romeo, Nate DiRuzza wears his heart on his sleeve in his upcoming single release, "I and You." Slated to impact April 13, this soft-rock/country crossover is DiRuzza's plea for love. At its core, "I and You" stretches beyond just the hopeless romantics; it's relatable and taps into every person's deepest desire to be loved.

“'I and You' is a very important song to me. It’s fun and uplifting, and I feel like the whole world can relate to it,” DiRuzza shares. “I know I’ll relate to it over and over again in my life. Everyone eventually wants to put the love between I and you with someone.”

The cleverly penned hook, "won't you put your love between I and You," boasts lyrical honesty paired with an undeniably feel-good groove. DiRuzza combines nostalgic elements of a vintage tube amp, intuitive lyrics and overall stripped production to create this inviting track, heavily inspired by classical sounds of the 1970's.

"I and You" is the first part of a musical novel – an album due end of 2022. The story takes listeners through light, love, madness and darkness; an inevitably creative journey that DiRuzza has dreamed into reality.

"I and You" is available now for pre-save on Spotify, and will be available everywhere April 13. For more on Nate DiRuzza, follow @natediruzza on social media and visit

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