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National Rum Day the Nashville Way

It’s National Rum Day on Tuesday, August 16 – the perfect excuse to live like summer’s never ending. You can celebrate with these unique rum cocktails from Nashville’s coolest cocktail bar, The Fox Bar & Cocktail Club.

Fox Colada

Featuring an inventive take on a traditional pina colada, the Fox Colada is crafted with Bacardi Carta Blanca Rum, Nixta, white miso honey, pineapple, lemon stock, egg, nutemeg and served with a side of sweet corn to top it off. Fun fact, guests can also purchase the fun glass that the cocktail comes in to create their own signature colada at home.

Fox Daiquiri

The Fox Daquiri is a twist on a classic daiquiri, made with a blend of Appleton 8 Reserve, Rhum Clement & El Dorado, 5 Rums, lime stock, pineapple skins, sea salt, sugar and lime oil. It’s sure to make you want to transport to the beach.

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