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(New York, NY - October 26, 2022) Today, NYC-based recording artist Ayla D'Lyla has debuted a brand new single, "To Be A Girl." Listen to the song now here.

An introspective, melancholic track delving into the darker corners of self-worth and delusion, the song is the latest taste of Ayla's growing catalog of emotive songs that showcase her striking lyrical prowess. Speaking on the track, Ayla describes, "'To be a girl' is a letter to all of the girls who have lost themselves in the midst of a relationship. We often measure happiness by the romance existing, or not existing, in our worlds. Many of us tend to lose ourselves living in this state of fantasy and passion."

On the song's official video, Ayla adds, "The music video, shot by my sister, Malina Weissman, shows her raw filming style and sense of humor. Malina loves to create beautiful images without overproducing what she sees. I love the charming backdrop and the way she captured the melancholic feel of the song."

Today's new single follows summer 2022 release "Anywhere But Here," a lush mid-tempo track which saw love from outlets such as Wonderland Magazine and V Magazine. Watch the video here. Ayla kicked off 2022 with single"MONEY," a song exploring emotional unfulfillment in a relationship coupled with Ayla's signature tongue-in-cheek wit. PAPER covered the release, noting, "D’Lyla continues to build momentum in New York’s underground alt-pop community." In support of "MONEY" and her growing catalog, Ayla D'Lyla also played a debut headline show this spring in NYC @ Mercury Lounge.

Growing up with German and Palestinian roots, Ayla took a keen interest in German pop music from a young age and continues to derive inspiration from its intricacies. A classically-trained vocalist, Ayla has always had a deep admiration for legendary female vocalists such as Nancy Sinatra, Dolly Parton, and Cher. "I could watch these women for hours," she notes, pointing to their captivating beauty and sound as a catalyst for her pursuit of a career in music.

Born and raised in Manhattan, NYC's vibrant arts and music scene drew Ayla in and has inspired a lasting love for the diverse art community the city fosters. After graduating from performing arts school, Ayla released her debut single, "Prince in Blue," a track that marked a transformation in her songwriting. With a keen eye for visual content, Ayla's videos are a world of their own, often executed in collaboration with her sister, Malina Weissman.

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