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Review: Amber Ikeman's Inspirational Message is Big, Bold and Loud

If you are familiar with Canada-native Amber Ikeman's music, you know she has one of the most soothing voices in the music industry. Inspired by powerful women like Joni Mitchell, Jewel, and Joan Baez, Amber's soft vocals are beautifully relaxing, yet still relay strong and inspiring messages. The spirited, earthy songstress Spirited recently released her new, five-track EP called "Wild and Uneven."

Track Listing:

1. We Are More

2. Rocky Mountains

3. The Magic and the Mess

4. I'll Take Care of You

5. Big Bold Loud

Wild and Uneven is a collection of songs about mental health and body liberation," Amber explains. "Each song was written about my own struggles: feeling objectified as a with depression and anxiety, and fearing that I won’t be accepted for all of who I am. Writing these songs was so healing for me, and I hope they bring healing to those who face similar issues. So many of us are suffering silently, and I want people to know that they aren’t alone.”

The song that really grabbed our attention and stood out to us was "Big Bold Loud." The melody is, in fact, a bit bigger, bolder and louder than Amber's usual releases, but we love seeing this side of her. The "poppy" and empowering anthem, which received over 1800 streams on Spotify within the first two days of its release, has a magnetic charm that will have you clapping your hands along to the beat.

"I survived an eating disorder in my early 20s," Amber recalls. "I'd been to outpatient treatment and I got better but something was keeping me from fully recovering...The missing piece? Full accepting my body no matter what it looked like...I was afraid that I'd be treated differently - negatively - if I gained weight. Unfortunately, this is a reality for many people in larger bodies."

Currently based in Nashville, Amber has toured all across the United States and parts of Canada, earning praise from audiences and tastemakers alike. Her 2015 EP, Free, was named one of Southwest Montana’s top local albums of 2015. Songs off of her first full length album, Rise, earned the 2017 Vic Heyman Songwriting Award from the South Florida Folk Festival and the 2018 John O’Hara Outstanding Folk Song Award.

For more information, visit and follow Amber on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Spotify.

If you or someone you know is struggling with an eating disorder, click here for help.


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