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Review: Anthony Quaid Sizzles with New Single "Melt"

Anthony Quaid is poised to make a splash in the Nashville pop music scene. The Baton Rouge, Louisiana native has always had music in his blood, beginning as a symphonic and jazz trumpet player and a classical vocalist before transitioning into pop singing and songwriting. He learned to play piano by ear at the age of six, and has since been writing songs inspired by modern hitmakers like Max Martin and Ryan Tedder. His production style seamlessly joins the diverse elements of hip-hop and latin rhythms, electronic instrumentation, and his signature stacks of lush vocal harmonies. Inspired by powerhouse vocalists such as Ariana Grande and Sam Smith, the baritone singer boasts a smooth, rich tone with virtuosic riffs and a falsetto that isn't to be missed.

At twenty-seven years old, Anthony already has major accomplishments under his belt, including performing at Walt Disney World Resort and the highly sought-after Durango Songwriters Expo in 2022. If that isn't impressive enough, he can also sing in Spanish, German, and Italian. Now based in Music City, he offers Nashville a unique style of pop music with authentic storytelling that will make you want to belt from the hilltops one minute before hitting the dance floor the next.

His most recent single "Melt" is sure to be the hot summer anthem this year. The sexy love song is perfect for the pop star's versatile voice, showcasing his diverse range and impressive vocal runs. The chorus, simple and easy to remember, is reminiscent of Jennifer Lopez's 2011 hit song "On the Floor" and will easily get stuck in your heads. We would love to hear a remix version in Spanish!

"For me, this song encompasses the moment whenever you're struck by someone who's extremely alluring," Anthony explains. "While writing, I imagined an uptempo, dramatic and lustful dance track that gives listeners a sense of that passion in the heat of the moment. While listening, if you start to melt in your hips, then I think I've done something right!"

We challenge you to listen to Quaid's new single without tapping your feet along to the beat.

You can follow Anthony Quaid on Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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