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Review: Emily Myers Inspires with New Single "Unwrite Every Song"

Americana singer/songwriter Emily Myers grew up loving music. Her midwestern upbringing influenced her many talents, forming the artist she is today. Deeply rooted in the art of storytelling, Emily's lyricism focuses on the themes of self-discovery, love, faith and lessons encountered throughout life.

Emily's musical curiosity led her to take piano, voice, dance and guitar lessons at an early age, before discovering her passion for musical theatre. During her studies in Opera and Theatre at Oklahoma City University, she soon discovered her true calling - songwriting. It was not long before Emily was playing original songs to friends and she was quickly hooked on the high of spreading joy and positivity.

Emily's newest single, ‘Unwrite Every Song,’ was released on May 13, 2022 and is the title track to an EP that will follow later this year. The song questions if, given the chance, you would choose to avoid all heartaches in life. The consequence? Losing all of the inspiration for future songwriting.

We thought a lot about this question while listening to Emily's touching ballad. Our conclusion? While heartbreaks, grief, sorrow and everything in between can be agonizing to go through, they do help mold the people we become. Music is healing for both the writer and the listener, and without the inspiration, we fear it could lose its magic. We just don't think we'd be willing to give the beauty of it up - especially with Emily's poignant lyrics and soaring vocals.

Cuz these melodies are memories that I’ve had to live, heartaches, mistakes, regrets to forgive...

"I am inspired by everyday stories - what makes someone laugh, cry, persevere," Emily explains. "I create music to give these stories, both yours and mine, an outlet to reveal our deep similarities and learn from our stark differences. Music is a reminder that we are not alone. We are in this journey together."

So, we'd like to know...would you unwrite every song?

For more information, visit and follow Emily on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Spotify and Apple Music.

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