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Review: Ian James Shares Inspiring Message with New Single "By My Side"

If you're like us, the last couple of years have been especially daunting. Between a global pandemic, political unrest and other catastrophic world events, the struggles seem never-ending. Christian-Pop singer/songwriter Ian James began using music as a way to express his feelings - almost as a form of therapy. The Charleston, South Carolina based artist hopes his songs will help others find the compassion they are searching for and we believe they will do just that.

His newest single "By My Side" was written during a particularly difficult season in Ian's life. He had just lost his job and was searching for some sort of guidance into his next chapter. "I reminisced on the serious trials I had faced in life: my birth deformity, my mother's cancer diagnosis one week before I left for college, and my own spiral into an unhealthy party-focused lifestyle. Through all of this, I had felt a presence that encouraged me and stayed by my side, and kept me going," he explains.

The single offers both encouraging and uplifting lyrics, as well as an up-tempo melody that's radio ready. "By My Side" is the perfect "drive around with the windows down to clear your head" song. The wonderfully produced music video provides a glimpse into Ian's life as a recording artist, while also providing a sense of fantasy we all use to escape now and then.

In my heart, I know, you're always close. "By My Side" reminds us that we are never truly alone, no matter how dark and scary the world may seem. You just have to look for the light.

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