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Review: Julia Cannon Brings a Slice of Heaven Down to "The Shore"

Nashville-based folk singer/songwriter Julia Cannon released her new EP called "Listening" earlier this month. We normally have a lot to say, but this album has left us pretty speechless.

After reading a bit about Julia and learning that she is a fierce activist for social justice, we expected her to have a loud, boisterous voice. Much to our (pleasant) surprise, this EP is filled with tender, angelic notes. We especially like her single "The Shore."

Julia references Paul Simon as one of her musical influences and we could 100% see Simon & Garfunkel having recorded a song like "The Shore." It has a calm, soothing melody, yet presents a strong message about life - much like other great folk tunes.

The thing we enjoy most about Julia? She doesn't take herself too seriously. Growing up in a first-generation household in Alaska, Julia faced many obstacles being a person of color in her small, conservative town. It would have been easy for her to get caught up in her sorrows, but instead, she uses her own personal experiences to write songs. And for that, we are grateful.

If there's ever another Woodstock festival, we hope to see Julia Cannon headlining.


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