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Review: Mark Elliott Reignites the Flame with "Taking You South"

Mark Elliott is a thirty-three-year veteran of the Nashville-based singer-songwriter scene, author, blogger, and podcaster. He is also a principal vocalist/guitarist for the Americana band Runaway Home. He has written for some of Nashville’s top publishing houses, including Sony-Tree, Maypop, and Bluewater Music.

Mark's songs have been recorded by independent and major artists, receiving airplay on radio and TV in the United States and abroad. His songs have hit the Billboard Top Forty Charts, highlighted by  Neal McCoy's hit single “Every Man for Himself.” Billboard Magazine called it “a song with rare lyrical and musical edge and the best cut on the album.” Mark is also a winner of the coveted Kerrville New Folk Award.

In addition to releasing nine albums, Mark has a string of 2020-2023 solo singles out, including “Craziest Thing,” “Watch Out Man,” “On My Way to See You,” “Talk to Yourself” and “Drunk for Nothin’.” He released his newest single, “Taking You South” on June 30, 2023.

With compelling lyrics like up here in the North love's been so unfair, but you'll forget all about it when we ease on down there, "Taking You South" (co-written with Gabe Burdulis) delivers the story of a love that needs a boost.

Mark's gentle vocals are beautifully displayed on this track, reminiscent of artists like Chris Stapleton and John Denver. The instrumentation offers solid guitar riffs which work remarkably well with the soft melody, allowing the listener to escape into the music. The song almost has a Celtic vibe to it which offers a fresh spin on the Americana tune.

Oozing with passion and sex appeal, "Taking You South" is a romantic tune perfect for any time of the year.

For more information, visit and follow Mark on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and Spotify.

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