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Review: Rachel Maxann and Her Powerful EP "Black Fae"

Rachel Maxann, hailing from the musically-rich city of Memphis, possesses a rare and

unparalleled vocal talent that is truly once-in-a-generation. Her powerhouse vocals

resonate with a profound depth and richness that captivates audiences and leaves them

in awe. In addition to her remarkable vocal prowess, she delivers a live show that is

nothing short of electrifying, commanding the attention of every individual in the room.

A master of musical fusion, Rachel seamlessly blends the soulful rhythms of blues, the

heartfelt melodies of folk, and a dash of vintage Indie-rock to create a sound that is

uniquely her own. Her talents and artistry have taken her to stages across the globe,

including a multi-year tenure on prestigious cruise ships where she performed to

massive crowds of thousands and major festivals like CD Baby’s DIY Musician


Beyond the music, it’s the impact of it all that Maxann strives for. Its present in

everything she does, from her work as a therapist and activist to the music she makes

and the people she inspires along the way.

Today, Rachel released her highly-anticipated EP called "Black Fae." When asked about her

new music, Rachel shared:

"Black Fae is a melodic and honest look at a what it feels to be inside the mind of a depressive spiral. Each song explores dark thoughts and feelings that I have confronted in my life, and how all the hurt and love was never wasted, but instead transformed. The fear of loss, and the fear of continued loss is a focal point as I open up past wounds. Black Fae does not put shame around these scars, but instead invites them in to sit together in reflection.There are moments you can hear the tears flow, because I went back to the mental state I was at the time, and the result is a cathartic release set to sweeping tones and raw, soaring vocals."

We were lucky enough to get a preview of the eleven-track album and wow! We are not usually left speechless, but Rachel's vocals took our breath away.

While every song is incredible, her single "Goddess" really stood out to us. We immediately heard a mixture of Lauryn Hill, Tracy Chapman, and even a little bit of Carole King, and Rachel's powerful and eclectic tone was overwhelming - an artist like no other. "Goddess" has an atmospheric, yet vintage vibe to it which really transports the listener to another dimension.

Rachel's music is out-of-this-world, and we can't wait to see where life takes her next!


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