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Review: Spencer Jordan Tells His Truth with Vulnerable New Single "16 and in Love"

Spencer Jordan is a pop singer/songwriter from Jupiter, Florida. After graduating from the University of Florida in 2016, he began his songwriting and artist career in Nashville, Tennessee. Spencer’s music is a mixture of the music he listened to growing up in his small beach town and the prevailing sounds found in today’s pop, and his writing focuses on the everyday struggles and victories that come with life, love, and growing up. He released his debut EP Season 1 in the fall of 2020 and his most recent single, "16 and in Love," was released last month.

When speaking about the new single, Spencer said: "I'm gay and I grew up in the closet. I feel like I'm a pretty well-adjusted young adult, but I still can't help but feel like I missed out - all of the late night conversations my best friends were having about who they thought was cute - hell, I feel like I didn't actually get to learn how to flirt! Every year around this time, I have to start unpacking this again. This year, I wrote a song about it. 16 and in Love is a love letter to high school and to anyone who has ever felt this way."

Best friends, weekend, ain't nobody sleepin', talkin' 'bout which girls are hot. I've got no clue, but Allie from my homeroom kinda looks like Megan Fox...

Although the song delivers a serious message about acceptance, Spencer's beautiful vocals and mesmerizing tone turns the melancholy tune into a fun-loving and sweet delight - like a big hug after a rough day. With over 25,000 streams on Spotify already, "16 and in Love" is becoming a fast favorite amongst listeners.

Walls up, stay cool, wait 'til after high school, you know what they all would say...

We believe that Spencer Jordan is one of the most prolific songwriters in the industry right now. He has an undeniable way with words, managing to combine his wicked sense of humor with his illustrious lyrics. He recently signed a publishing deal with 300 Entertainment and we can't wait to see what masterpieces he comes out with next.

"16 and in Love"is the song that we all needed in high school and we hope Spencer realizes now just how loved he is. This song will help so many people who are currently struggling, and that in itself is a huge victory.

You can connect with Spencer on Instagram, TikTok and Spotify.

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