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Review: There's Beauty in Shanghai Metro Temple's New Single "Beast"

Shanghai Metro Temple (Devyn Lynch, Patrick Edler, Kevin Graf, Justin Stasio, Kalel Vigil) went from a pandemic idea to a sensational band of musicians headlining in Denver, Colorado. They have been making headway in this industry with a new blend of rock music, creating exceptional experiences for fans both live and online.

From gliding down snowy slopes to clipping an anchor above a rocky canyon, this band is constantly fueled and inspired by the beauty and adventure of their home state. Under dark twinkling skies and peaceful mountain evenings, inspiration runs freely through this group of best friends who are intent on sharing their experiences and challenges through their music.

With their most recent self-titled album release, Shanghai Metro Temple has become one of the best up-and-coming rock bands that Colorado has seen in this decade, and their single "Beast" proves that even more.

"Beast" provides listeners with a nostalgic throwback sound, emphasizing great vocals and killer guitar riffs. The song offers thought-provoking and metaphorical lyrics, which prove to be a lot more relatable after the last few years we've had.

Do the Gods look down on them

just to see what we can be

to mask a man and run him down

under lights from the marque

"Beast, for us, is a song about the pandemic; there are struggles we all faced and things that tested even the most resilient of people during that time, and to us, we needed to say something about how we felt," the band explains. "Although we might not be able to control the beast ourselves, there are things in our lives that are more important to focus on and we think this song does a great job of expressing that."

For more information, visit and follow the band on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and Spotify.


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