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Review: There's Just "Something About" Nick Leidl's New Single That We Love

Singer/Songwriter Nick Leidl has an interesting story. A comedian and DJ for many years, he only started writing music in March 2020 during the Covid quarantine. Since then, he’s penned over 50 songs and trained relentlessly for hours, working toward a 2022 tour.

“Covid shut down the life and grind I had as a comedian in LA and allowed me the time to explore another creative talent that I always wanted to pursue - singing/songwriting,” explains Leidl. "Something clicked for me and the universe made me feel like it’s the right move. A year ago, I knew 3 chords and never sang a song in my life. I’m proud of how hard I’ve worked and how far I’ve come. The majority of my songs are a heartfelt look at trying to figure out the second half of my life.”

Leidl's new single "Something About Her" was produced by Bryan Kuban. It’s a relatable tune about a girl who drives him wild, even though there are so many doubts why it won’t work. Ironically, Leidl admits the track was penned about his now ex-wife.

She’s waving a big red flag shooting off warning signs...

All of which I have ignored, 'cause she sends shivers down my spine...

If you like traditional country music, we are sure you'll be hooked on Leidl's growl. Now that we've been introduced to his Southern Rock vocals and storytelling lyrics, we can't wait to hear what he releases next.

You can learn more about Nick Leidl by visiting his website

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