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Rising Pop Artist Ravive Unleashes New Song "Social Shit"

NOV 19th, 2021 | NEW YORK, NY - Pop's newest it-girl Ravive has released her new single "Social Shit," available on all digital platforms NOW. The track hits a haunting balance of straightforwardness and sorrow, finding Ravive in a ghostly (but still bubblegum-y), anti-internet mood. The alternative-fused, synth-drenched track delves deep into pop experimentation (while maintaining a simplistic backbone). The release of "Social Shit" reiterates the haunting, pulsing nature of what's to come for this immersive artist. About the single, she states:

Every feed you see is carefully curated. Photos are selected mindfully. Edits are made cautiously. Words are typed out with either no hesitation, or excess hesitation. The feeds that you see across all social platforms are put together with one specific goal in mind - for people to see what you want them to see. Online personas are often not fully and truly reflective of who that user is in real time. There are online personas, and realism. Many people tend to create assumptions about who another person is with a simple click and scroll. But the judgmental nature of that behavior is dangerous. Who a human is, and specifically how they act offline, in the flesh, is where true analyses of character should be built - not through specifically curated feeds. “Social Shit” digs into that, and the ethics of social media curation.

Ravive is an anxious soul. She is emboldened, a breath of hot, desert air. An ethereal fusion of breathy pop and synthesized melancholia, Ravive is writing her own story of revitalization. After spending years touring nationally as the lead vocalist of an alt rock band, she is embracing evolution, eeriness, and reflection. Fueled by Diet Dr. Pepper and extensive therapy, Ravive’s experimental sonic blend is simply an audible painting showing listeners where she’s been. Her debut single “Sahara,” a pulsing, ghostly dream, paints the visual of walking through the desert to try and reach a place of security. Her follow up single “Social Shit,” a bold, minimalistic alt pop track, unsparingly digs into the ethics of social media curation and false online personas. A pop phantom for your ears, Ravive toys with her inner darkness to create a hypnotic, synth smoothie.


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