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COLORADO SPRINGS, CO. – Indie singer/songwriter Jeremy Facknitz has released the latest video for “Broad Strokes” featuring folk artist Edie Carey. The song is from his forthcoming album Smilin’ At The Future available March 31, 2023.

The song was written as part of a songwriting group with fellow Kerrville New Folk finalists in 2020. Explains Jeremy, “The prompt of ‘brush’ became track 5, ‘Broad Strokes’ (featuring Edie Carey). It paints a picture of a woman who’s a tremendously gifted painter, but she only focuses on the lack in her life (notoriety, money), and so she falls into despair.”

“[‘Broad Strokes’] features Jeremy’s signature poetic lyrics and Edie’s beautiful vocals, creating a beautiful and introspective piece.” – Folk N Rock

Jeremy has been entertaining audiences with his lovingly crafted music and high-energy performances for over a quarter century. Since the 2002 break-up of his Detroit-based band “The Ottomans” (they earned a 2001 Detroit Music Award for Best New Alternative Band, beating out “The White Stripes”), Jeremy has performed primarily as a solo act, marrying folk-rock and jazz stylings to showcase his intimate stories of life, love, and self-discovery.

Smilin' At The Future, his 6th album, is a ten-song commentary on our current-day confusion - our political dystopia, our personal triumphs and failures, and our continued awakening - as we cling to what's left of our hopes for the future. “The album is not as cheery as the title indicates,” explains Jeremy. “The optimism is cautious at best, and where there's none to be found, I lean into acceptance.”

Smilin’ At The Future will be released March 31, 2023


“There are syncopated acoustic rhythms and violin entwined with keys as Jeremy Facknitz explores the relationships between memories and the spaces they occupied with his fluid vocal tones. This song shines a spotlight on the changes that overtake our hometowns at an alarming pace: ‘there’s a Starbucks where your memories once stood. / You gotta move on.’ Sadly, it’s so very relatable.” – Americana Highways

“The only real constant in life is change, and Jeremy Facknitz has got some thoughts on this topic with his brand-new single “There’s No Going Home Again”... [Serenity Holloway] adds a certain sense of soul and power to the song.” - V13

“[‘There's No Going Home Again’ featuring Serenity Holloway]… a more introspective and calm proposal , the song is a great request for those who enjoy a softer and well-produced sound.” – Roadie Music

“…soulfully-hued, and wholly heartfelt, organic new album [Smilin’ At The Future]…” - Exclusive Magazine


Jeremy Facknitz was named a top 24 finalist from over 800 entries in the 2020 and 2022 Grassy Hill Kerrville New Folk Songwriting Competitions at Kerrville Folk Festival. His songs “Ballet of an Unhatched Chick” and “Michigan (Something In The Water)” were awarded semi-finalist distinction at, also in 2020 and 2022. On the forthcoming album Smilin’ At The Future, he creates a hybrid sound of rock, jazz along with elements of country/Americana with producer Jarrod Headley. The Jeremy Facknitz Band features Colorado musicians Ricky Sweum (sax), David Siegel (violin), Mike Kimlicko (bass), Brad Plesz (drums) and John Standish (keys).




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