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Southern Sitters Revolutionizes Professional Childcare Placement with Innovative Subscription-Based Model

Nashville, TN (May 2, 2024) - Are you tired of the endless search for trustworthy caregivers for your family? Look no further than Southern Sitters, a pioneering leader in the professional childcare industry. With their revolutionary subscription-based service, Southern Sitters simplifies the process of finding highly trained and vetted caregivers, ensuring peace of mind for families across the nation.

Gone are the days of scrolling through countless profiles or relying on unreliable sources. Southern Sitters, led by CEO Savannah Maddison, offers a comprehensive solution, with every childcare provider undergoing an extensive hiring and vetting process. From interviews and background checks to CPR certification and thorough training, Southern Sitters ensures that every caregiver meets the highest standards of excellence.

"For families seeking part-time or full-time childcare solutions, our Nanny Placement Program offers a fully tailored and customized experience," says Nanny Placement Director, Hope Riley. "We take the hassle out of the search process by matching families with highly efficient candidates based on their preferences." 

Unlike traditional agencies that require large upfront fees, Southern Sitters operates on a subscription-based model, making quality childcare accessible and affordable. For a low, one-time fee of $450.00, families receive comprehensive support throughout the placement process. Once a nanny is hired, families are automatically enrolled in the Nanny Subscription for just $150.00 per month, unlocking a host of benefits, including backup care, training opportunities, and more. 

Under Hope's leadership, the Nanny Placement team ensures that families' consistent care needs are met with professionalism and compassion. With over 18 years of customer service experience and 24 years in the childcare industry, Hope brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her role. 

Southern Sitters boasts a diverse roster of caregivers, including infant care specialists, educators, medical professionals, and more. Each caregiver is highly qualified and committed to providing engaging and enriching experiences for children of all ages. 

Meet some of the exceptional caregivers available through Southern Sitters:

  • Marla S.: With over twelve years of experience in professional childcare, Marla is adept at caring for infants to pre-teens and holds AED and CPR certification.

  • Allison K.: With a background in human development and family studies, Allison brings over 15 years of experience to her role, along with certifications in CPR, First Aid, and AED.

  • Cameron J.: Cameron holds a degree in psychology and has over 5 years of experience in childcare, with additional training in First Aid and Mental Health First Aid.

  • Katie P.: As a Montessori instructor and mother herself, Katie has over 3 years of experience in infant and toddler care and is CPR certified.

Southern Sitters' commitment to excellence extends beyond placement, with ongoing support and resources for both families and caregivers. From customized contracts to training opportunities, Southern Sitters ensures that every family finds the perfect caregiver for their needs. Most families receive at least one guaranteed candidate via phone interview, meet and greet, or trial day. The amazing staff members help customize each experience to your unique needs and schedule. 

For more information, visit and follow Southern Sitters on Facebook and Instagram


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