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The Bacon Brothers Sizzle with "British Invasion (Remix)" To Benefit Non-Profit Sound Mind Network

(Nashville, TN): Superstar duo The Bacon Brothers know to strike when the iron is hot. Cemented in both the rock and Americana genres as successful lyricists and seasoned performers, The Bacon Brothers are following up their latest single "In Memory (Of When I Cared)" with a remix of a previous release. In collaboration with Philidephia non-profit Sound Mind Network, "British Invasion (Remix)" is being released in an effort to raise awareness for music therapy and creative-based recovery. All streaming proceeds from the remix will directly benefit Sound Mind Network."British Invasion" first appeared as the opening track on The Bacon Brothers' 2020 LP The Way We Love. With big-band energy and tongue-in-cheek lyricism, "British Invasion (Remix)" breathes new life into a throwback rock tune. The new track features pounding drums, bright horns, and sweet guitar licks that make for a truly engaging and delightful listening experience and elevate the source material. The song’s title cleverly calls to mind real-world events, while the track itself reveals that it’s actually about a pretty British girl who “invaded [the narrator’s] soul.” With clever references like "goodbye to my blue suede rock and roll,” this track highlights some of the most iconic and entertaining stylings that have peppered the rock genre since its inception. Cheeky laughter at the opening and close of the song ties the track together while foreshadowing and then reminding the listener of who, not what, the “British Invasion” truly is. Who could resist that “black eyeliner and a Twiggy skirt” the titular invader sports? Those UK girls are, evidently, some irresistible people.

With insatiable energy that pervades the mind, "British Invasion (Remix)" commands attention. The added production elements fuse a straightforward rock song with modern sensibilities that flow seamlessly with The Bacon Brothers brand. Releasing the new single in conjunction with Sound Mind Network was an easy choice for Kevin and Michael, who are proud supporters of the non-profit's mission and work closely with producer and co-founder Joe Nicolo. The single has been released under major label Heart Songs Music Group, which will be releasing additional music with the non-profit in 2022. The duo has also recently been announced as the headliner of the Sound Mind Network Music Festival on June 26, 2022, at Bally's Atlantic City to further the mission of the non-profit.

About The Bacon Brothers: Bound by blood and a mutual love of American roots music, The Bacon Brothers have spent the past quarter-century in a creative whirl, funneling their shared DNA into a genre-bending sound. They call that sound "forosoco" — a blend of folk, rock, soul, and country influences, delivered by two songwriters who were born to collaborate — and it's taken the siblings across the world, from shows in Japan to performances at American landmarks like Carnegie Hall and the Grand Ole Opry. Michael and Kevin Bacon turn a new page with their eleventh release, Erato, whose five songs showcase the duo at their diverse peak. It's an EP of dynamic contrasts: quiet moments and big payoffs, organic instrumentation and electronic textures, self-penned songs and high-profile collaborations. Joined by songwriting legend Desmond Child, producer Joe Nicolo, and other collaborators, The Bacon Brothers veer from the stripped-back soul of "Dark Chocolate" to the pop-friendly modern rock of "In Memory (Of When I Cared)," proving their staying power once again.

About Sound Mind Network: The Sound Mind Network was born from loss. In 2017, Tony Luke Jr. lost his son to a heroin overdose and was working through his grief by creating new music. After reaching out to Grammy Award-winning producer Joe “The Butcher” Nicolo through Facebook, the duo began collaborating and the result was the album Strong In Broken Places. Not only was putting emotions into music therapeutic for Tony, they soon realized the tremendous healing power of music needed to be shared. The Sound Mind Network was founded by Tony and Joe in Philadelphia and rounded out with the addition of CEO and co-founder Joe DiGiacomo. With a powerful mission to inspire those struggling with addiction and mental health issues to use their passions as a creative-based recovery alternative, Sound Mind Network strives to create a world in which those struggling with mental health issues, addiction, and trauma are empowered and viewed as strong individuals with a purpose.


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