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This Saturday | Joyland x Kisser BBQ Fried Chicken Sandwich Pop-Up

The talented duo behind Kisser BBQ, Brian Lea and Leina Horii

This Saturday, October 2, Joyland will be teaming up with Kisser BBQ, a new Japanese BBQ concept, for a fried chicken sandwich pop-up. Starting at 11am, guests can stop by the Joyland patio for the perfect meld of Japanese and American flavors, all wrapped up in a Fried Chicken Curry Sandwich (with Loaded Fries on the side, of course). These special menu items will be available on a first come, first serve basis, so be sure to snag one early before it sells out.

Menu item details:

  • Fried Chicken Curry Sandwich – JOYLAND Fried Chicken, KISSER Milkbread, Smoked Kabocha Curry, Scallion, Pickled Ginger, and Duke’s Mayo

  • Loaded Fries – Shaved Bonito, Spicy Cod Roe Sauce, Seaweed Shake, and Shiso Flowers


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