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Los Angeles artist TOMI has released the single “If You Tried,” available worldwide today across all digital platforms. "If You Tried" is an unfettered anthem about letting go of blame and moving on with a middle finger in the air, after a long drawn-out breakup. TOMI, led by musician songwriter and producer Pam Autuori, who left her major label in the pursuit of artistic freedom, embraces a new musical sensibility while building on the sweeping emotional range of her prior releases (2018’s What Kind Of Love EP and 2021’s Sweet, Sweet Honey). This is the debut single from the forthcoming album Late Bloomer due out in August, that navigates Autuori’s journey into adulthood, of coming out, and the growing pains that come with both.

TOMI and creative director Haile Lidow (LIDOW ARCHIVE) thought up the fantasy land of the video for the song, to the 90s Mom Rock single while floating in a sensory deprivation tank in their hometown of Los Angeles. The two brought one of Lidow’s several mannequins to life - toying between fantasy and reality and a lopsided communication style. The story unfolds as TOMI picks up her lover at a bar and there begins a whirlwind romance - ultimately ending in a heartbreak. From an extravagant dinner of fake shrimp and lobster to a flirty band rehearsal, “If You Tried” steps into the world of a giant Barbie…Lesbian Barbie.

TOMI’s style is characterized by ferocious guitar and rich vocals—an unfettered, urgent, and emotionally supercharged sound that was forged from a ruthless determination to sing, play, and do things her own way, even in the face of life’s obstacles. For Autuori, music has been a sanctuary since coming out at twelve years old in suburban Connecticut. A few short years later she moved straight to New York City as soon as she found a car and a drummer. She started a band in Brooklyn and played anywhere that would let her wail on guitar, scream into a microphone and serve an underage band. After years of hustling and being underwhelmed by the producers she was collaborating with, she decided to take hold of the creative reins of her career and created TOMI, named after her dead pet lizard “Tommy.” The first song she released was called “Carry You.” Two weeks after the song was posted to Soundcloud she signed her first record deal with RCA. TOMI has now come full circle, back to being independent in an effort to retain creative control. These newest songs are a reflection of that gray area of leaving your adolescents behind but not being quite ready for the leap into adulthood, all written while listening to a lot of PJ Harvey.

TOMI celebrates the start of Pride month with a show at the Troubadour tonight with LA band Beginners. She then heads off on tour to support KT Tunstall and will be making her Bonnaroo debut later this month.



JUNE 1 The Troubadour West Hollywood

JUNE 4 Ventura Music Hall Reserved Ventura, CA*

JUNE 7 Belly Up Tavern San Diego, CA*

JUNE 9 Fremont Theater San Luis Obispo, CA*

JUNE 12 Felton Music Hall Felton, CA *

JUNE 13 Great American Music Hall San Francisco, CA*


*supporting KT Tunstall


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