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Tony Luke Jr., Joe Nicolo, The Bacon Brothers & Sophie B. Hawkins Launch The Sound Mind Network

International entrepreneur and celebrity Chef Tony Luke Jr. (Throwdown with Bobby Flay, Food Network, VICE, Man vs Food, Food Wars, Dinner: Impossible) and Multiple Grammy award-winning producer Joe Nicolo (Billy Joel, Bob Dylan, Lauren Hill, Bon Jovi Fugees, The Rolling Stones) and CEO Joe DiGiacomo are the three Co-Founders of the Sound Mind Network. The Sound Mind Network was born after the three men met and knew that they wanted to change the way the world looks at addiction, mental health, and trauma. The team includes Executive Director/COO/CFO Cynthia Pritchard, and Vice President of Strategic Marketing and Innovation, Lory Fraraccio-Kenney.

When Tony Luke Jr. (aka Anthony Lucidonio Jr.) reached out to Joe “the Butcher” Nicolo through Facebook, he wasn’t sure Joe would even remember him. Joe Nicolo states, “I got the text, I remember thinking, what does the Cheesesteak King Tony Luke Jr. want with me? I called Tony and he said 'Hey, it’s me Anthony Lucidonio.' Tony Lucidonio was a singer-songwriter signed to A&M records many years ago. Could this be the same guy? Well, it was.”

Tony Luke Jr. told Joe Nicolo how he recently lost his son to a heroin overdose and was working through his grief with creating new music. Tony Luke Jr. and Joe Nicolo started working together and the result was Tony's album STRONG IN BROKEN PLACES. The process of writing and working with Joe was therapeutic for Tony, but they discovered that music had tremendous healing power. That’s how the Sound Mind Network Foundation was born. Utilizing music to heal.

“We want to inspire those struggling with addiction, mental health and trauma to use their personal passions as a creative-based recovery alternative,” Tony Luke Jr. says, “and the way we’re going to achieve that is with music and programs in the arts.”

The next release for the Sound Mind Network musical roster is a maxi-single with Kevin and Michael Bacon (The Bacon Brothers). “Kevin and Michael’s support and participation has been just amazing.” - Joe Nicolo

After The Bacon Brothers single, The Sound Mind Network will be following it up with an album that includes new material from artists Kathy Sledge,Sophie B. Hawkins with the Hooters, Joan Osborne,The Bacon Brothers, Tony Luke Jr., Taj Mahal,G Love and Special Sauce,Danni Baylor covering a Cyndi Lauper song, among other superstar talents. All proceeds of album sales will be going to the Sound Mind Network. All donations will be used to fund creative-based treatment programs designed to help those struggling with addiction, trauma, and mental health by providing those in need with music therapy services.

“The Sound Mind Network is making a lasting impact on how we view and treat addiction,” superstar actor and musician Kevin Bacon states.

Rounding out the Board at Sound Mind is CEO and co-founder Joseph DiGiacomo, Executive Director/COO/CFO Cynthia Pritchard, and Vice President of Strategic Marketing and Innovation, Lory Fraraccio-Kenney.

The Sound Mind Network wants to create a world where those struggling with these issues are seen as creative, inspired, and strong individuals with purpose. Their other goal is to give people a lot of great music to listen to.

Please join the Sound Mind Network and help us change the world’s view of addiction, mental health, and trauma.


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