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Vocal Powerhouse Hannah Anders Releases Music Video for "Redneck Riding Hood"

August 26th, 2021 (Nashville, TN) - Rising country star Hannah Anders releases a kickass music video for "Redneck Riding Hood," exclusively premiered on Cowgirl Magazine. The song is one of 11 songs from her 2021 album Evolution. Listen to Evolution, including "Redneck Riding Hood" here.

Hannah Anders' new music video for "Redneck Riding Hood" adds phenomenal imagery to Anders' already well-articulated story of the beauty queen-turned-vigilante. The accompanying visual adds a backdrop to the already empowering anthem. By filming in an all-pink trailer in the woods, presumably Grandma's house from the well-known story Little Red Riding Hood, Anders sets the scene by drawing listeners in and assuming the persona of Trailer Trash Barbie. As viewers follow Redneck Riding Hood on her journey putting a pushy man in his place, they can't help but cheer her on.

The video arc ends with her kicking the man to the curb, literally, and stealing his car. By putting a confident and refreshing spin on the old tale, Anders creates a character to be looked up to and admired. Redneck Riding Hood will be the preferable version of the classic story for anyone who listens.

“I have wanted to bring Redneck Riding Hood to life for 10 years. It’s time for her to make her debut. It’s hysterical, the story is great, the song is catchy, it’s rockin, it’s got an edge, and I think it’s a surprise when people hear it.“ - Hannah Anders

Production: Music video by: James McGettrick Written by: John Stea, Megan Conner, and Jon Conley Produced and Engineered by: DrFord Mastered by: Pete Lyman Guitar and Banjo: Bruce Lawrence Bass: Caleb Mundy Background Vocals: Kiley Philips Keyboards and Drums: DrFord Instrumentalists: Bruce Lawrence and Caleb Mundy Produced/Engineered by: DrFord Mastered by: Pete Lyman

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