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Celebrate National Coffee Day at Killebrew and L.A. Jackson in Nashville

credit Ellen Pelletier

Celebrate National Coffee Day on Friday, September 29th, with some top-tier coffee offerings from Killebrew - the stylish coffee shop inside Thompson Hotel and L.A. Jackson, the indoor/outdoor rooftop bar in Nashville, TN.

Known for its chic ambiance and artisanal coffee, Killebrew is the perfect neighborhood coffee shop to indulge in crafted coffee and treats to start your day or for an afternoon pick-me-up. Sip and savor in specialty lattes like the Gulchie with either vanilla or caramel; Maria Latte with honey and cinnamon; and the Cuban Latte with sweetened condensed milk. Other coffee options include house drip, cappuccino, French press, cold brew, Americano, macchiato, cortado, flat white, and café au lait. Don’t forget to grab one of the tasty treats, including Lemon Brioche, Quiche, Chef’s Cookies, or the Seasonal Scones, perfect for dunking in that latte.

For those looking for a boozy coffee fix, head upstairs to L.A. Jackson, the Thompson’s rooftop indoor-outdoor playground, and order the There’s No X in Espresso cocktail, available individually or in large format, perfect for sharing. Made with vodka, espresso, Licor 43, and cacao, this delightful cocktail will awaken your taste buds while giving that caffeine kick. While sipping on the coffee cocktail, enjoy the stunning views of the Nashville skyline.


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