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NASHVILLE, TN (August 18, 2023) - American Roots Artist Adam Hood has released the fifth single, “Buzzes Like Neon,” off his upcoming album, Adam Hood’s Different Groove which is available on September 22. Set to a punchy melody, the song is a tale of a small-town singer-songwriter traveling to gigs in cities much larger and more chaotic than he’s comfortable with, and longing for the serenity of things back home. Alabama native and Sony Music recording artist Ella Langley is featured on the track. The new music is available for streaming and download at Circa 2005, while playing for free in the Midwest, Adam Hood was feeling homesick and wasn’t accustomed to big cities, city blocks with tall buildings at every turn. The large neon Western Auto sign atop a building in Kansas City was the inspiration for this tune. “The idea for ‘buzzes’ came from a night in Kansas City in the middle of a long run of solo shows early in my career,” said Adam Hood. “I was missing home and could see the Western Auto sign from my motel room. That inspired the first four lines. This song has stood the test of time as well as any song in my catalog. Ella came in and gave it a really cool ‘Stevie Nicks’ feel that I love!” “There’s a light in the city Standin’ 5 miles high I’m crossing that river There’s a girl on my mind And it’s high atop the buildings Flashing Red It’s just one more reason She’s stuck in my head And it buzzes like neon And it makes me feel fine the way she leads me on It’s a real good sign…” “Buzzes Like Neon” was co-written by Adam Hood and Stephen Moos with production by Gordy Quist. It was recorded and mixed at The Finishing School in Austin, Texas. Serving as Engineer and Mixer was Jim Vollentine, with additional engineering by Gordy Quist. Mastering was done by Chris Longwood and additional recording by Davis Nix. Players on the single included Adam Hood (lead vocals and acoustic guitars), Richard Millsap (drums and percussion), Trevor Nealon (pianos, organs, synths), David Jimenez (lead guitar), Nick Jay (bass guitar and background vocals), Matt Tedder (additional guitar) and Gordy Quist (background vocals). Pre-Save / Pre-Sale the upcoming album Adam Hood’s Different Groove here Adam Hood’s Different Groove Track List: 1. 22 Days Too Long 2. Shelly 3. Never Comes Easy 4. Cars, Trucks & Me 5. Buzzes Like Neon 6. Fool of an Honest Man 7. Different Groove 8. Late Night Diner 9. Varnado 10. Whole Town Talking

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Music is available on all digital platforms Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, YouTube Music, Amazon Music and more. About Adam Hood: The tapestry of Southern music in America is rich, vivid and diverse. Adam Hood is an artist who exudes that substantial musical lineage each time he straps on his Telecaster for a show or picks up his pen to write a song. The roots of his Opelika, AL upbringing inform his musicality and guide his soul-stirring lyrics. He paints the characters of his songs with the wisdom that can only be derived from thousands of miles spent behind the steering wheel chasing the next musical adventure from one coast to the next. He delivers the words he writes with verve, passion and a smooth, confident voice that only comes from an artist who truly believes in each word springing forth to the microphone. Hood has carved out a career that has taken him from playing for tips acoustically in his hometown as a teenager to fronting a band on the biggest stages of roots music. Adam Hood has a yearning deep inside, a calling, to share his take on what country music should sound like. It is a soulful and profound version of the genre that mixes in elements of assorted styles to create something uniquely Adam Hood. A sound he describes as “southern songs." “It’s southern music,’ Hood relates, “The soulful side of southern music, the country side of southern music, the genuineness of southern culture, and how I grew up. It’s what I’ve always done.” While initially making waves as a performer of his own songs, it has been other folks singing those songs over the past decade that have added a new layer to Adam Hood’s formidable career. Always a capable and relatable songwriter, Hood has found his way by adeptly crafting songs that created stirring scenes and powerful emotions. An impressive roster of artists have recorded songs from Adam Hood’s pen, including Miranda Lambert, Little Big Town, Whiskey Myers, Cody Jinks and Travis Tritt. While Hood’s songwriting profile has continued to shine over the years, his own recorded and touring output has remained a vital part of the broader country music landscape. Hood’s latest album is titled Bad Days Better. An effort that was recorded in the famed Capricorn Studios in Macon, GA with Brent Cobb at the helm. The vibes and feel of the historic studio helped Cobb and Hood guide this project alongside the energy of past studio inhabitants such as Otis Redding. The Allman Brothers Band, Marshall Tucker Band and Charlie Daniels Band among others. The new music is to be released on Hood’s own independent label, fittingly called Southern Songs. Hood is weaving his present day among the echoes of his heroes and biggest influences; creating a sound, style and moment that is all his own. Honing in on Adam Hood’s bedrock musical qualities pushed the Bad Days Better project forward with a true sense of purpose. The ghosts of consoles and melodies past imbued each song laid down over four days. In some ways, this experience culminated the myriad of experiences that led Adam Hood to this place in his life. The freshly sober family man recording inside the same walls as the musical icons of his youth, the go-to songwriter of the moment when an artist wants something with grit and groove, acclaimed live performer that’s packed out thousands of venues…all of it is found in the music Hood wrote for this record. An exceptional cast of collaborators that included Brit Turner, Richard Turner and Charlie Starr of Blackberry Smoke helped lay down the musical tracks. And the background vocals are singularly provided by Miranda Lambert. The songs Hood wrote for this most recent collection demanded such a serious lineup of session help. Bad Days Better is a deeply personal album. Adam Hood has lived a life full of hills and valleys and spent years living in the valleys while trying to appear to the outward world that he permanently resided on the hills. His countenance and resignation to be honest with himself in all facets of life led to the most raw lyrics of his career. “I speak more than I want to sometimes,” he says,” It makes me nervous to play it because I know it’s a vulnerable moment.” That vulnerability and honesty in his music is just another layer to the Southern musical story for which Adam Hood continues to write new chapters. Adam Hood will always be found where there’s a stage, sharing his version of country music. The essence, the emotion, the spirit and the institution of Southern music reside in Hood’s soul. He will continue to write, perform and share that mastery with his audience for years to come. “Music should get under your skin and make you think and make you feel,” he exclaims, ”Some people get what I’m saying; some don’t. I want to say what I feel and hope others feel the same way.”

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