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Jenane Sets Our Souls on Fire with New Pop/R&B Single "Light Up"

June 16th, 2023 (Nashville, TN): Pop and R&B artist Jenane releases new single "Light Up." The single is now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Jenane helps listener’s find their true power with her new single “Light Up." This single, true to its name, is an anthem about finding inner strength, but also your inner villain. The first verse illustrates this with the lines “I never knew/What a fever was like/Until I felt the fire." The chorus goes on to share the feeling of having the fire lit inside of you and growing until you “light up.” In true modern pop-R&B style, “Light Up” heavily focuses on Jenane’s vocal talents, showing off her range and honed sound. The instrumental track behind her vocals, while lush with sound, is primarily a synth that never overtakes Jenane’s voice. It does, however, have soaring moments in the chorus when the energy builds up, emulating the feeling of a fire growing stronger. Meanwhile, a simple percussive track adds energy and grit to the song, keeping everything feeling grounded. “Light Up” is a strong single that shows off Jenane’s talents as a musician. Jenane shares, "The best part of a villain is their backstory. "Light Up" explores the moment of the bad guy's point of no return-that moment they decide that they'd rather watch the world burn."


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