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Jenna DeVries Shines Brighter Than Ever in Fierce New Project "Rhinestone Cowgirl"

July 21st, 2023 (Nashville, TN): Jenna DeVries tells a thrilling and captivating love story in her new single and video for "Rhinestone Cowgirl." The single is now available on all digital streaming platforms, and you can watch the video here.

Jenna shares, “Rhinestone Cowgirl is the ultimate sapphic love story - it tells the tale of the kind of love that feels dangerous. It was the perfect opportunity to create this small fantasy world that allowed me to play with the idea of gender expression. Love is love - no matter how people identify or look, I believe there is a unique and beautiful love story out there for all of us.”

Jenna sets the scene for her dramatic storytelling, beginning with a light synth sound, a quick cutout, followed by a fast beat. Simple instrumentation allows attention to go to Jenna’s intense vocals. Jenna carefully describes a mysterious woman with the lyrics, “You can see her there, long dark hair/With her cigarette eyes burning deep in your mind.” She explains that this woman is dangerous, but she must let her shine. The intensity builds to the chorus as Jenna reveals who this woman is, belting, “My rhinestone cowgirl.” The mysterious woman is Jenna herself, a divinely feminine powerhouse.

The music video brings the story to life. In low lighting, the verses are sung by a country-western, masculine Jenna. She narrates the story, drawing listeners in with a classic red-curtained stage in the background. Leading into the first chorus, the camera shot flashes a black screen followed by a quick zoom out to reveal the magnificent star of the show, the rhinestone cowgirl. With bright lights, Jenna is centerstage in an extravagant, beautifully bejeweled body suit, complete with a pink cowgirl hat, and platinum hair. Her blue eyes shine through her fierce cat eye, putting viewers in a trance. She is feminine, sexy, and powerful. Jenna proves you don’t have to be one thing, but you can be a multifaceted, complex enigma. Authentic and unique. Jenna is a major fan of DIY and it is another one of her talents, “The video also took my DIY skills to the max - the saddle you see in the video was a labor of love that took almost two weeks to transform. You could find me bedazzling a saddle in my living room until all hours of the night - but it really turned out exactly how I imagined it!”

Jenna DeVries, named as one of NSAI's Songwriters To Watch, was among the elite handful of artists to make it to American Idol's Top 24 on the farewell season. Her recent single, "Daddy's Little Heart Attack," was featured on CMT and was added to the Next Women of Country playlist. The same release was seen on Wide Open Country's "6 New Country Songs You Need to Hear This Week" list. Adam Mac and Jenna's version of "Unholy" was also featured with Wide Open Country on the same list. She's also racked up over 1 million streams on Spotify alone from songs such as "Drunk Girls" with Harper Grae which was supported by People Country and CMT. Jenna and LGBTQ+ country star Adam Mac released their duet “Chapel,” which was voted #1 on CMT’s Music Television channel 2 weeks in a row, alongside Keith Urban and other A-list country artists. Her most recent release “Self Made Man” was championed by CMT, Holler, and more. "Rhinestone Cowgirl" was exclusively premiered by EarMilk, which you can see and read here.

Jenna recently launched The Outlaw Collective, a showcase series held monthly to spotlight LGBTQ+ artists in the country and alternative genres - seen on Today in Nashville, at The Electric Jane, and The Analog.

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