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Review: Abby Lindsey's Career Blooms with New Single "Flower Shop"

Roses are red. Violets are blue. We love Abby Lindsey's new single and know you will, too!

Arkansas native Abby Lindsey is a country music singer/songwriter based in Nashville. She moved to Music City with big goals and dreams, along with only $50 in her pocket. After getting her feet planted in Tennessee, Abby released her debut song "She Knew Better" in September of 2020. The official music video was broadcasted on The Country Network and Abby scored her first nomination at the Arkansas Country Music Awards that same year.

Her second single, "Flower Shop," was released this month and just may be one of our favorite songs on the charts right now. We love a song that tells a good story and Abby Lindsey's music is becoming well-known for doing just that. "Flower Shop" chronicles the happenings at Mary Ellen's small town store on Main Street. They've got roses.They've got chocolate. Hell, they'll deliver if you want it. If you're looking for some gossip, they've got it! The modern, yet nostalgic lyricism gives off a Kacey Musgraves vibe, while the traditional country vocals remind us of legendary female artists like Tammy Wynette and Linda Rondstadt.

Wouldn't dare to make a scene, talk about you when you leave, 'cause there's always enough dirt to go around when you're the only flower shop in town. While the townspeople in the song may be a bit on the petty side, Abby is too busy working on her own garden to notice if others are greener. We see big things blooming in her future and can't see what she's up to next!


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