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Review: Allison Asarch's Love Story All Starts with a "Cotton Dress"

If country music newcomer Allison Asarch isn't on your radar yet, she needs to be! A first place winner on the Netflix Original show "Sing On!," the Texas native showcases her bubbly and sweet sounding vocals on her newest single called "Cotton Dress" (written by Andrea Renfree and Ren Renfree).

From the beginning, Asarch sings a story about the innocence and charm of young love. As the song progresses, we get to visualize the couple's story unfold and develop. Next thing you know, he was popping the question and all it took was a little suggestion from a pretty girl, by the river on a moonlight night. It didn't matter how young they were, 'cause she loved him and he loved her and love's enough to make everything alright. Between the traditional country lyricism and Asarch's stunning, soothing voice, "Cotton Dress" depicts the white-picket-fence dream that we all want.

What can we all learn from Asarch's new song? The perfect love story doesn't have to have grand gestures and expensive can all start with a cotton dress.


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