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Review: Charlotte Morris Has Us Falling in Love with "Tennessee"

Americana singer/songwriter Charlotte Morris has been a favorite of ours for a few years now. If you're a frequent visitor to our site, you might remember our review of her single "Not Every Love Story" from back in 2021. Charlotte recently released her newest single called "Tennessee" and we couldn't be called Music City Melodies without covering this song, too.

Described as “the love-child of Judy Collins, deftly playing her violin, guitar and our heartstrings,” Charlotte’s music and heartfelt on-stage presence bring audience members along for an emotional ride. Known for her impressive knack for biographical storytelling, every one of Charlotte's songs is special and unique to her with "Tennessee" being no exception.

"I wrote Tennessee a few months after moving to Nashville in 2021," Charlotte recalls. "I was totally infatuated with the city, and the summer was a whirlwind of sunny days, first dates, lake swims, long hikes... basically living in a bit of a fantasy land - summer camp for adults. But as I started to settle in, I also started to snap back to reality. I had moved here for a reason; plus, I'm a real adult now (yikes!) and have responsibilities. I think that the pairing of whimsy and realism create a sense of nostalgia that is almost tangible throughout the song. We all have those days that, 50 years from now, we'll look back on and smile. The people might not still be around; maybe you've moved; maybe your life looks completely different. But those days shaped you, and gave you life. For me, those days will always include my first summer in Tennessee. Those carefree days were fleeting, but they paved the way for me to build a stable life in this city that will always hold a place in my heart. The song will always serve as a reminder of that."

Right away, the first verse of the song already had us hooked. Driving in your beat up truck down back roads, listening to Joni way up loud, drawing out the seconds til it’s over, 'cause they say that’s what being young is about. The lyrics are just as beautiful as Charlotte's gorgeous voice.

"Tennessee" has a peaceful, emotional quality to it while also showcasing Charlotte's powerful vocals. The style and structure of the song demonstrates her extensive background in musical theater and features elements of country and pop as well. She draws inspiration from many of her favorite artists, including Delta Rae, Brandi Carlile, Sara Bareilles, and Liz Longely, as well as folk legends like Peter, Paul and Mary, Simon & Garfunkel, and Joni Mitchell. It's apparent that Charlotte is a student of music, as we can hear a bit of each artist in her songs.

With the recent legislative action happening in Tennessee, Charlotte wants to encourage all listeners to donate to the ACLU’s Support the Drag Defense Fund, a campaign that champions drag performers and the LGBTQ+ community. We will be making a donation in Charlotte's name and hope you will consider doing the same!

For more information, visit and connect with Charlotte on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok.

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