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Review: Nick Ryan Goes from Underdog to Top Dog with "Murder Business"

Pop/Rock artist Nicky Ryan is back with his sophomore album called Nemesis! He has previously released five singles from the album, Bow Down, Jealous Sea, Don't Hold Your Breath, Good People Are Hard to Find and I Will Not Be Silent, all of which have a very similar themes to them - angst, power and revenge.

"The original titles I was throwing around were Politics & Mind Games and Welcome to the Nightmare," Nick explains. "I decided on Nemesis because it describes a person - an alter ego similar to Lone Wolf. After everything I've gone through up to this point, these tracks are more relevant to my life than ever."

Today, we are focusing on his upbeat single "Murder Business." The alternative, yet poppy song reminds us of Paramore's 2007 hit album Riot - specifically, the band's popular single "Misery Business."

Like the rest of Nemesis, "Murder Business" is unapologetically catchy. The lyrics, bursting with raw emotion, really allow listeners to get a glimpse of how Nick was feeling when he wrote the song. And I thought our team was strong, but there’s no more holding on, 'cause you let me go...

While exploring triumphs over manipulations, Nick Ryan should be proud of himself for putting together a well-produced, detailed album. His single "Jealous Sea" is currently a Grammy contender for the Best Rock Song category.

For more information, visit and follow Nick on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Patreon.


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