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Singer-Songwriter Ryan Brown to Perform at The Christina Grimmie Foundation's Concert for a Cause

August 24th, 2023: Singer-songwriter Ryan Brown to perform at the first live Concert for a Cause to benefit The Christina Grimmie Foundation will hold its first live Concert for a Cause featuring the musical talents from around the world including Ryan Brown, Marcus Grimmie, Desi G, McKenzi Brooke, Alexander Rybak, The Similar and NOIVAS. This unforgettable evening of compassion and music will be hosted by Ashley Harder.

Tickets are $25, and you can purchase them here.

From the Christina Grimmie Foundation team: Concert for a Cause is a fundraiser to benefit the Christina Grimmie Foundation. The Foundation had previously hosted Concert for a Cause as a virtual event in 2021 which reached over 90 countries.

Introduced in 2017, the Christina Grimmie Foundation was created to support families impacted by gun violence. Since the Foundation’s inception, it has given out over $420,000in “Green Heart” grants to more than 200 families. Gun violence has nearly tripled between 2017 and 2022 with mass shootings having doubled. The need for assistance for victims and their families continues to grow exponentially. The Foundation will continue to act as a resource for Victims Advocates nationwide. Funds are raised through individual and corporate donations as well as an annual event each year. The Christina Grimmie Foundation is a 501(c)3 charity created to support families who have been affected by the tragedy of gun violence. The Foundation provides tangible services to help these families who are encountering hardship, so that they may focus their energy on healing. People helping people.

WHERE: Cherokee Performing Arts Center 130 Tomlinson Mill Road Marlton, NJ WHEN: September 2, 2023 6:00 – 8:00 PM

Rising singer and songwriter Ryan Brown, showcased performer at the Concert for a Cause to benefit the Christina Grimmie Foundation, is a unique and gifted young performer, passionate about her music, lyricism, and helping others.

Growing up in Marlton, NJ, Ryan has worked with unfinished songs of the massively talented late Christina Grimmie. She finds comfort in knowing Christina’s work will live on through her own music. “I am from Marlton, NJ. Not only were most of my songs inspired by people here, but this town connected me to the Grimmie family and gave me the wonderful experience of working with them. I’m very grateful for where I live and have grown up.” Marcus Grimmie, Christina’s brother, is seen on guitar on many of Ryan's projects, and has been a staple member and force in Ryan’s band.

Ryan has also been seen singing the National Anthem and other patriotic staples for The Baltimore Ravens, The Baltimore Orioles, The Cincinnati Reds, The Red Sox, and more. She has also played several leading roles in theater, including Wednesday Addams. Brown has performed at major events, including The Sound Mind Network Music Festival featuring superstars Kevin Bacon and Michael Bacon of the Bacon Brothers, Johnny Showcase of America’s Got Talent, and influencers and musicians Cory Singer and ElectraQueens, and celebrity chef Tony Luke Jr. She is a proud ambassador of The Sound Mind Network and released her single “After Midnight,” written by Tony Luke, Jr. to benefit the charity. Ryan’s music showcases the depth and vulnerability of being a teenager and explores the ups and downs that people of all ages experience. Aside from her love for singing, Brown also enjoys playing guitar, piano, and ukulele.

Brown feels so incredibly lucky that she can share her experiences with the world. She hopes while you listen to her music, you find comfort in knowing that you aren’t alone. Ryan shares, “My music always comes from a place of sadness because I love to turn something bad into something beautiful. I write my music because I know others feel the way I do. At the core is authenticity.”

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