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Nashville, TN (May 12, 2023) - Alternative Pop singer/songwriter and recording artist Zhaklina recently released her newest single called "Game Over." You can listen to the song HERE!

With powerful lyrics like loved you more than you deserved, loved me less than I am worth, Zhaklina uses her beautiful vocals to deliver a compelling message within "Game Over."

Game Over was a true collaboration between myself, Nashville based post-hardcore band Hollow Wake and a good friend of ours," Zhaklina explains. "We all connected on the concept of battling shame and our varying stories of emotional, sexual, spiritual and physical abuse that have caused deep wounds in our lives. Shame only has power over us if we choose to give it that power. It’s when we realize that the power comes from us, our God-given free will, that the game is over. Shame never stood a chance and that is the most empowering message I think anyone could ever receive."

About Zhaklina:

Zhaklina, originally from New York and of Albanian, Irish and Greek descent, is an Independent, Alternative Pop artist. After graduating college, Zhaklina tied for first place in the 2015 singing competition "The Audition," with Hudson Valley, NY radio station K104.7. She went on to perform at KFEST that year, meeting several record executives and gaining the confidence to pursue her dream of making music her career.

After several years of development and feeling as though her genre was difficult to put into one category, she decided to label her music as Alternative Pop. Soulful power with an edgy approach, her music insists on authentic connection and meaningful experiences. She is notorious for her captivating vocals, poetically emotive lyricism, and inspiring messages of mental well-being. Her faith is her driving force and she continues to encourage others to live from a place of knowing they are deeply loved.

In 2019, Zhaklina began releasing a series of EPs called “17 Reasons Why,” dedicated to mental health awareness. With “Gossip Queen” being her most popular song yet, and “Tattooed Roses” not too far behind, she has developed a space for her audience to feel seen. She has been published and interviewed by several media platforms, including Medium, BuzzMusic, Authority Magazine, Broadway World, K104.7 and more.

Zhaklina has contributed portions of her music revenue to various mental health organizations including (but not limited to) To Write Love On Her Arms, NoStigmas and Project Semicolon. Her convictions for suicide prevention lead her to continued involvement in volunteering efforts and events that are fighting to make a difference and help those who need it. She began hosting Mental Health Songwriter Nights in 2022, raising $2,000 for mental health organizations.

Zhaklina believes in the beauty of sharing our stories and strengths to remind people that they are not alone. A rose, a symbol of classic beauty and strength, is her visual expression of her message. Music is how she shares it.

For more information, visit and follow her on Instagram, Facebook, Spotify and TikTok.


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